How to find if a man is love?

Ok, so men are like open books and it does not take much to figure out what they are thinking about. But there are certain men, especially the shy ones who are difficult to judge. For instance, shy guys are not very open when it comes to love. They might be in love in with a girl but might never disclose it because of the fear of rejection. In such cases, the best way to go forward would be the girl breaking the ice. But how will you as a girl know if this guy is in love with you? Here are 10 signs a man is in love with you but is afraid to tell you because of the obvious fear of rejection that haunts many men these days (in this feminist era). Most metropoliton men exhibit these characterstics when they are in love.






What's your nickname?

Nicknames - why do we as human beings feel to need to call our friends using nicknames? They are short, they are cool but most importantly they work as a 'relationship identifier'. I mean, you cannot call a guy or a girl using a nickname unless you are really close to him/her. Secondly there are certain nicknames that are applicable only to couples who are really close to each other, and others that are common among casual friends and relatives. For instance, your family might call you with a nickname and your girlfriend/boyfriend will call you  with a romatic or sexy variation. My family calls me Mikey and my girl calls me bigboo and I really love that. I call her apricot. Sometimes she calls me Tiger and I call her Kitten. Nicknames are fun unless they are mean. I mean, I used to be teased as 'bones' when I was in school because of how skiny I was. I would hate it someones call me that now. But it is satisfiying to know that people who call you with mean nicknames are by themselves very insecure. Anycase, that's that.. trying to find a cute name to write down on my girl's bday card. Will post the result in my next post. Btw, here's a cool top 10 list for all your girls to check out.



I think I will address her as 'Cinderella'. That sounds really cool. I hope she likes it.









Making the most of Tabeltop Displays

I got a few tips from one of my business friends who offers event management services and thought I would share his tips here. We were talking about tabletop displays and he told me that there are a few ways by which any Company can make a major impact at a tradeshow using a tri-fold or pop-up tabletop display. Here are a few tips that he gave:


1.) The first and most important point is branding. You absolutely need to make sure that you display features your Corporate colors, logo and related graphics. It is amazing how many Companies miss out on this simple technique.


2.) The 2nd tip that he gave me was to invest in tabletop accessories like lighting, table covers, brochure racks, banners and racks. Bad accessories can make a great display look dull, so think about this one.


3.) The 3rd tip is to keep it simple with the graphics. Avoid graphics with lot of text and limit the graphics to a few images or simple one big image. Less is more when it comes to graphics.


So there you go. Hope these tips were of help.





Back to reading credit reports

It took me quite a few minutes figuring out how the jimbo blogs actually work, but I finally did and this is my first blog post. I think it is a great move by Jimdo to provide a blogging platform to people. I read about jimbdo a few months back in some websites that discuss social networking and was eager to start something here. I finally did! My hectic lifestyle hardly allows me to do anything creative over the internet. No wonder I did not have a blog so far. I am a finance guy by the way and my job mainly involves looking into credit reports of businesses,  analyzing them and preparing long reports and suggestions to be implemented. To be frank, the job sucks, but you got to do it to make a living. You don't have a way out of a bad job if you are married. People who are not married do have their options open and people who do not have a steady girlfriend are even more blessed.


Not only do they get to have fun with a whole lot of girls, they also have the liberty to choose what they want to do for a living. If they don't find credit reports interesting, they will definitely switch over to something better. How about travel to make a living? Every day I read about these people who make their living doing unusual things. Last week I read a report where a person makes his living by travelling. Now how fab is that? You get to do what you like and get paid for it too. As I understand, this guy was not married as well and did not have a steady girl. Boy, we do have to give up somethings to get otherthings in life. That's how it works. For me, it's back to reading credit reports then..

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